Slab Slayer 2" Bailey Magnet
Slab Slayer 2" Bailey Magnet
Slab Slayer Bailey Magnets are a 2" solid body crappie bait with a flared skirt that drives crappie mad! Solid body baits hold up better then hollow tube baits for more catches per bait. Team them up with Slab Master Jig Heads and catch even more fish. This bait and our lead head have caught as many as 68 fish with the same bait. These solid body baits with flared skirt are the original Thunder Bait! Bailey Magnet Now in a 25 pack $3.45 (Two new colors, Kentucky Lake Killer, Junebug Chartreuse) Many more colors not listed. See color chart.
BM1 - Red/Pearl White BM10 - Orange/Chart Silver Flake BM11 - Hot Pink/Pearltreuse
BM13 - Smoke/Black& Red Flake BM15 - Pearltreuse/Chart Silver Flk BM16 - Solid White
BM2 - Blue/Pearl White
BM25 - Pumpkin Seed BM26 - Purple/Chartreuse
BM29 - Blue/Clear Silver Flake BM3 - Black/Pearl White
BM31 - Black/Clear Silver Flake BM32 - Hot Pink/Clear Silver Flake BM33 - Chartreuse/Clear Silver Flake BM34 - Pearl White/Clear Silver Flake
BM35 - Red/Clear Silver Flake
BM4 - Red/Chartreuse BM5 - Chartreuse Silver Flake
BM7 - Black/Chartreuse BM9 - Hot Pink/Pearl White  
Price: $3.45