Slab Master Crappie Spinner - Enhanced Colors
Slab Master Crappie Spinner - Enhanced Colors
The design of our collar is the best one on the market. We have customers tell us they have caught as many as 70 fish on the same plastic bait. That's unheard of with other jig heads that are on the market. This saves both time and money. I have one in our shop that I have used to show customers and have pulled it down off the collar over 100 times and it still holds a solid plastic bait like the bait is new. When teamed up with our Slab Slayer Magnet it's a hard combination to beat. Made with a premium hook and blade. Enhanced colors feature two color eyes. Available in 1/8.
SMSEC-01-Black/White & Red Eyes SMSEC-02-Blaze Orange/White & Black Eyes SMSEC-03-Hot Pink/Flame Red & Black Eyes SMSEC-04-Yellow Chartreuse/Flame Red & Black Eyes
SMSEC-05-White/Orange & Black Eyes      
Price: $1.65